INVASION | The Story

INVASION was a thought that became a reality.  Started early of 2020, that grew from a core group into a movement.  Our vision behind INVASION became apparent as we organized events throughout South Florida.  We realized the Bimmer community wanted tailored events that were directed towards Bimmer's.  Our events are tailored to car enthusiasts, spectators and diehard Bimmer fanatics. 
INVASION has a dedicated social media team that captures all the key moments at our events.  At our events, we encourage Bimmer enthusiasts to be a part of our content and our movies.  Each event, our social media team will produce a movie where the attendees could be proud of and know they are a part of a movement.  Our event planners are constantly working with businesses and vendors to keep our events dynamic.
Behind each Bimmer, there is an owner with a story.  We at INVASION are featuring just that with our YouTube series, "Every Build Has a Story".  During these YouTube series, we get to know the owner and the car.  We at INVASION, understand that the owners spend a lot of blood, sweat and money into their builds.  We can relate and in return we put all the effort to tell their story in the purest form.
The backbone of INVASION has a passion for cars and more importantly Bimmer's.